Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What is Journalism?

Journalism is changing more and more. As people become more used to using technology like laptops and cellphones, journalism will have to adapt to people's new interests. "Journalism is a form of writing that tells people about things that REALLY HAPPENED" . This is mostly the downfall of journalism: what websites can you look at and believe, and who can  you trust? Anybody can make up some story or post something they saw on a website onto facebook or twitter for thousands of people to see, and who's to tell if it's true or not? So I think the difference between some random person posting a picture or a story onto social media and an actual professional journalist, with schooling, is that you can somewhat trust a professional to come up with solid facts that you can trust.

Journalism and journalists will continue to exist by embracing the new technology and using it to there advantage. Nearly everyone owns an iPhone or some sort of smart phone, and they use it for various things including looking at news. As journalism evolves from more of a broadcasting model to a connection one, people will use technology more and more. Broadcasting news basically makes an educated guess of what they think we want to hear, but with social media we can choose exactly what we want to see or hear. I think people will continue to watch the news on T.V. also because that's more of what we think to be the "important" news, but people will most likely shy away from news like magazines and newspapers.

In all I believe journalism will always be a part of everyday life. It will just continue to evolve, adapt, and adjust to meet peoples wants and needs.

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